The Genesis Academy realizes that no student fits in a box and takes that same approach when developing educational plans for each child.  Regardless of a child’s academic needs, we believe that every student should be challenged.  In the elementary, all courses required by the state of Kentucky will be offered:  math, English, writing, civics, and science. Students will experience small group tasks, individual conferring time with an instructor, group discovery, inquiry-based learning, hands-on activities, and independent work time.  Your instructor will meet with you and your child to assess his/her academic progress and to determine what plan should be developed.  


Middle School

Middle school courses include all state required subjects such as math, English, writing, civics, and science. We also offer certain electives that enhance imagination and creativity and also support the addition of regular physical exercise and Bible instruction.  Mindful of the individual student need, curriculum is varied based on teacher preference.

High School

At Genesis, the primary goal is to help families meet the graduation requirements for the state of Kentucky while encouraging each student to find their personal genius. We offer courses in history, civics, math, science, English, and foreign language, as well as select electives. Our experienced teachers pull from a variety of resources based on the subject and the needs of the individual student.  Hands on learning and one on one instructor interaction is still very much an important part of our high school education.